Superior Software & an Unparalleled Database

Aperiomics has developed proprietary software and a massive microbial database that make our industry-leading platform possible. Learn more about our powerful software and database.


A Big Data Challenge

In order to make sense of the massive amounts of sequencing information we derive from a single sample, there needs to be a way to compare every single one of the millions of DNA fragments to tens of thousands of organismal or viral genomes. Even today’s computers struggle to work with the processing power and memory needed to tackle this work.

Aperiomics Xplore-ID℠

Developed by our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Alvin (Yuan) Chen, Xplore-ID℠ uses highly sophisticated algorithms specifically tailored to deal with the massive influx of data that results from next-generation sequencing.

Aperiomics Xplore-DB℠

The largest high-quality genetic library in the world, Aperiomics Xplore-DB℠ is derived from a variety of sources and is constantly being updated and scoured for accuracy. It’s how we’re able to identify every microbe known to modern science.