37 Years of Stabbing Pain and Finally Relief

Starting at the age of 21, Beth started to have bouts of stabbing bladder pain. They would persist for a couple months and then go into remission for two to four months at a time.  During this time she was able to start her own business, settle down and have children, but her searing bladder pain was only getting worse.  Beth, being a determined and hard worker, was constantly involved in all the aspects of her business including much of the hands-on work. This was extra taxing on her condition however, and for the last 8 years she was forced to concede many aspects of her life such as her child’s school events, travel and errands.

All the while, Beth was searching for some kind of an answer… and years of testing and pain medications were taken until an uncertain diagnosis of interstitial cystitis was given by her doctors. Unfortunately, this diagnosis rarely leads to more than a prescription of pain medicines.  Pain medicines that were not enough to stop a weekly ritual of poor sleep due to searing bladder spasms.

58 years old
37 Years of Pain
A Single Test

Now 58, Beth was unsure what steps to take next when she found Aperiomics through an online support group. After contacting Aperiomics, she started the process of finding a doctor willing to learn about the emerging new biotech company.  After being turned away by many due to interstitial cystitis being categorized by AMA and Mayo Clinic as a syndrome with “no cure,” a compassionate doctor was willing to try this exciting new technology.  A single urine sample was sent to Aperiomics for their deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing analysis, and revealed that Beth had a very unusual abundance of microbes present in her urine.

As a result of Aperiomics’ all-in-one report, the doctor was able to identify the cause of the pain and put her on the correct targeted treatment where she is now finally able to have some relief, something Beth has not known in years.  The simple things like driving around and running errands that we take for granted are now possible again.  Making up for lost time, Beth has a long list of things she now has the freedom to do.

“I suffered for a long time and had to sacrifice a lot for my condition.  I am thankful for the work Aperiomics did to make sure I got the help I needed.”



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