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Elizabeth: Only Three and in Chronic Pain

      Elizabeth* was a 3-year-old girl living in the south. Unfortunately, being a young toddler, she could not communicate the extensive pain she was in for months. Her discomfort was so bad that according to her Mother, “if she wasn’t held, she would scream”. Elizabeth could no longer stand to play, be outside, or enjoy any of the common joys of being her age.

After seeing a few local physicians, they suggested that it may be a Urinary Tract Infection. Again, due to Elizabeth’s age, she could not effectively communicate her symptoms. They ran several UTI tests, and to the family’s dismay, nothing came up wrong. No red flags or infection was identified.

*names and dates changed to protect the patient’s privacy

Only 3 years old
Months of Pain
Urine Test

After some online research was conducted, Elizabeth’s mother found Aperiomics through a UTI blog post of a past patient’s success. There weren’t many options left, and her symptoms were worsening. She was impressed by Aperiomics’ long standing partnerships with prominent UTI organizations, so she ordered a urine sample kit for Elizabeth. 14 days later, Aperiomics’ Xplore-PATHOSM testing revealed some unusual results. Elizabeth’s physician utilized our free, complimentary post-report consultation with one of our infectious disease experts on staff. Here, Aperiomics’ was able to explain the context of the report and arm her physician with new, contextual information that helped them create the appropriate treatment plan. Without the Aperiomics’ Xplore-PATHOSM test, this infection would have continued under the radar, hidden from traditional testing methods. According to her mother, “Elizabeth was back to normal health, happy, and playing within 3 days”.

“Elizabeth had low levels of an unusual Prevotella causing her UTI. Aperiomics was able to pick up on these low levels that would not be picked up by other tests.”, her mother told us in a post- treatment follow up.

“Aperiomics was able to pick up on these low levels that would not be picked up by other tests.”

Elizabeth's Mother


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