Until Aperiomics’ service was launched, detection of pathogens that cause infection was a hit-and-miss process that left patients and clinicians frustrated.  Too often, people were sick for months or years before their clinicians could make accurate diagnoses and begin the healing process.  This was highly challenging for medical professionals and often heartbreaking for patients and their families.  More than 75% of infections in the U.S. go undetected and millions of dollars are spent each year by patients on testing that too often completely fails patients.

Aperiomics is the only company of its kind and scope in the world. We are revolutionizing the way that medical professionals around the world identify infections. Supported by the National Science Foundation, Aperiomics identifies every known, sequenced bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite through deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing, using our world renown database containing over 37,000 microbes. We help doctors identify the cause of infections that other tests cannot identify. Many patients that we have helped were sick for years with no understanding of why. Patients and their physicians often contact Aperiomics after hearing how we have helped others. Aperiomics was named Life Science Innovator of the Year in 2016 and International Start Up of the Year in 2018.

Aperiomics is upending everything about the way in which infections are identified, completely changing the thinking about pathogen testing. Armed with brilliant ideas to fill a huge gap in medical testing and a mission to help those in need, the company launched in 2014.

Aperiomics has successfully found many infections missed by standard testing. By utilizing the Aperiomics Microbial Database, my interstitial cystitis patients have been able to finally identify not only bacteria, but fungal and viral infections contributing to their chronic bladder symptoms and then receive the appropriate treatment needed to cure what was previously thought to be a chronic, degenerative, and incurable condition.

Ruth Kriz, APRN

Aperiomics provides state of the art DNA testing for over 30,000 microbes of the viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal variety.  This is a powerful silver bullet in testing for any savvy physician to diagnose the underlying root causes of most medical illness from chronic fatigue to headaches to IBS and a variety of pain syndromes, just to name a few. The staff are friendly, approachable and responsive. It has made a significant difference in the care of my patients and has saved many lives.

LH Zackrison, MD,

The Aperiomics’ team includes some of the best minds in genomics and bioinformatics. Dr. Crystal Icenhour was recruited in 2014 as founding CEO for her ability to develop, commercialize, and translate complex technologies for pathogen testing, as well as for her ability to build and fund a successful company. Drs. Keith Crandall, Evan Johnson, and Eduardo Castro-Nallar are experts in genetics and bioinformatics and demonstrated this through peer-reviewed publications and substantial grant funding in their academic settings. Dr. Yuan Chen serves as CTO to advance Aperiomics’ technology and lead R&D efforts.

Aperiomics is based along the Dulles Technology Corridor in Ashburn, VA. The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce recently named the company “Healthcare & Life Science Innovator of the Year” in 2016 and it is a finalist again in 2017.
Powerful new technology is helping to lead the way in medical care, and Aperiomics is among the world’s leaders in harnessing that technology. We are trusted partners in wellness. That’s why medical professionals and patients put their confidence in our team to find answers quickly and accurately. With a single test, Aperiomics identifies the pathogens that cause infection and resolve what otherwise might be a long process of trial and error.


How can Aperiomics services with our comprehensive list of known pathogens help with your testing needs?