Aperiomics breaks into South America with test for mysterious infections

Sterling diagnostic startup Aperiomics Inc. is taking its test for mysterious illnesses to South America — its first expansion outside of the U.S. — as it wraps up a major growth year involving new hires, a new headquarters and new funding. The company, whose technology pinpoints causes of unsuccessfully diagnosed chronic infections, now offers its test to patients of two health systems abroad: Centro de Investigación Microbiológica in Ecuador and Colfarh S.A.S. in Colombia. It also provides test result analysis and consultations with doctors in Spanish. “They want to have access to more advanced technologies such as ours, so we have partnered with them so that they can refer complex cases through us,” said Aperiomics co-founder and CEO Crystal Icenhour. Doctors are already working with Aperiomics, which sends its collection kits for patients to return with a relevant sample (blood, urine, fecal tissue, saliva and semen), then submits it to a clinical lab to extract genetic information and produces a large data file and, finally, sends its reports to the doctors.

Aperiomics combines the latest advancements in science, technology, and medicine to change the way healthcare providers identify causes of infection. With the only microbial database of its kind and superior data analytics, we are able to precisely detect pathogens with 97% sensitivity and 99.99% specificity. The Xplore-Patho test gives clinicians an unprecedented advantage in identifying infections that often evade diagnosis.
The only company able to identify every bacterium, virus, fungus, and parasite known to modern science, Aperiomics has created a new gold standard with its Xplore-Patho test.

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