Our Story

Aperiomics is revolutionizing microbial identification. We are changing the way that medical professionals around the world identify infections. And we are helping institutions and researchers harness cutting-edge technology for powerful results.


Disrupting Healthcare

Before Aperiomics, detecting the pathogens that cause infection was a hit-and-miss process that left patients and clinicians frustrated. Too often, people were sick for months or years before their clinicians could make accurate diagnoses and begin the healing process. This was highly challenging for medical professionals and heartbreaking for patients and their families.

Aperiomics was founded to upend the diagnosis paradigm

Instead of testing for one possible cause of infection we can now test for every known bacterium, virus, fungus, and parasite. By providing this information, along with robust reporting and expert consultation, we give health care providers the most powerful tool for diagnosing their patients.


The first and only test able to identify every KNOWN





Partnering for Success

The power of the Aperiomics platform is not limited to the clinical setting. We have successfully partnered with many institutions and researchers to deliver next-generation sequencing and bioinformatic services that can be customized for any microbiome characterization work.

We are experts at providing analyses of complex datasets that lead to meaningful results.

An All-Star Team

Aperiomics’ leadership includes some of the best minds in genomics and bioinformatics.

Founding CEO Dr. Crystal Icenhour has a PhD in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine and is an expert in infectious disease and a respected and prolific researcher, author, and presenter.

Chief Clinical Officer C. Alexander Valencia, PhD is a clinical molecular geneticist and an expert in next-generation sequencing technologies. He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and has made significant contributions to the field.