Our Mission

Advance Healthcare & Revolutionize Microbial Identification to Improve Human Health

Using deep metagenomic sequencing and advanced bioinformatics, Aperiomics identifies every known microorganism in each sample tested. This platform technology will disrupt healthcare and improve the human condition.


Our Vision

Be the Gold Standard in Microbial Identification, Empowering Healthcare Providers and Researchers with Tools to Advance Human Health

Our Values


Precision is valued above all else, ensuring that our technology provides the most comprehensive and correct information possible.


As no company or person is perfect, mistakes will happen. Transparency in mistakes is mandatory and is crucial to building and maintaining credibility.


It is vital for patient care, company sustainability, and driving our mission that all work be attacked with a strong sense of urgency.

Effective & Efficient Teamwork

As Aperiomics enters its growth phase, time, talent, and treasure will be limited. Roles and expectations will evolve as the company matures. This means constant change and steep learning curves will be the norm. To overcome these challenges, a lean, dynamic, and highly efficient company structure is necessary. Each team member must take ownership of and lead in their respective roles.

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